How to start Running

We may as well start the blog with the most popular exercise in the modern world, running!


When it comes to running, many people buy a new pair of running shoes and just go outside and run for as hard and long as they can for a few times. This leads to many people dropping it after a few sessions due to not enjoying it and feeling terrible afterwards. Not to mention how easily people injure themselves this way and end up with painful shin splints!

We always believe that people should ease themselves into running at the beginning! While running comes naturally to our bodies because of the way we’ve evolved, years of sitting and being sedentary in school and teenage years, as well as our working environments, changes our body as it ages. You can also see this in the way that babies can naturally squat very easily, but we develop bad habits as we grow older and most have to re-learn that ability.

We also recommend before running that you buy new, specific running shoes. While its tempting to don a pair of hi-vis Nikes and just go, everyone’s unique body and genetics means they have a different cambre and gait to their run/walk. Some people land on the balls of their feet, some on the heels, some roll outside, some inside, some people feet turn out naturally and some turn in. We suggest going to a dedicated running shop such as to have them give you a gait analysis so they can tell which which shoes are best for you. Continue reading “How to start Running”