Endurance Training

Weight Training – Endurance

In this, the final post on our series on weight training, we’re going to talk about endurance training. Whereas strength training is about improving your nervous system to lift heavier weights and size training is about tearing the muscle fibre down to rebuild it, Endurance is all about making the muscle produce strength for longer.

Bicep Curl

Weight Training – Size

Hey, welcome to the third post in our series on beginning weight training! Sorry about the delay getting this post to you, electricity went out in our home, so that took over our life for a little bit! By the way, shameless plug for the company that helped us out, “Merton Electricians”, they’re Electricians in

Strength Training

Weight Training – Strength

Welcome to the second post in our beginners series on Weight Training! Now, when it comes to weight training there are three main types of training regimes: Strength, Size and Endurance. In this blog post, we’ll be focusing on the strength side of weight training. This is training to your limits with a high weight,

Beginner Weightlifting

Beginning Weight Training

So, you’ve decided to start weightlifting; well done! Weightlifting is the most beneficial thing you can do for your body besides eating healthily. If done safely and correctly, weightlifting helps you strengthen your bones and muscles, improve your joint and tendon health, help you lose weight and of course make you look better and improve


How to start Running

We may as well start the blog with the most popular exercise in the modern world, running! When it comes to running, many people buy a new pair of running shoes and just go outside and run for as hard and long as they can for a few times. This leads to many people dropping